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What makes Vivo Y30 great for gaming?

For the best gaming experience, you need a mobile phone that could last hours of battles, keep notifications at bay, see enemies and hazards through a clear and full display, and have enough storage. The all-new Vivo Y30 meets these gamer needs. To know more about this phone, here are the reasons why this should be your choice of phone for gaming:

Three reasons why Vivo Y30 is a good choice for gaming

5000 mAh battery

Nothing is more important than having a good battery for your phone. It is a relief that the Vivo Y30 comes with a Li-Po 5000 mAh non-removable battery. A high mAh rating ensures a longer running time, the reason why this model can power up for up to 2 days with social media and gaming usage, photography, and updating to the cloud. For an average phone like the Vivo Y30, this is considered to be pretty above average.

Ultra Game Mode

Besides its powerful battery lifespan, it also has a gaming feature that will incite every mobile player. It is equipped with the Ultra Game Mode under its running system, Funtouch OS, which can keep incoming phone calls, text messages, and other bothering notifications from popping up every intense game. This feature also allows you to screen record a live game.

Multi Turbo 3.0 feature

Vivo has been public about their venture in the gaming technology. In relevance, they have introduced the Multi Turbo 3.0 feature which according to the brand, lets users experience a professional gaming mode for an immersive and real-life gaming experience.

Other specs of Vivo Y30 Display 

It has a clear, bright, and full display of a 6.47-inch Ultra-O Screen with HD+ content. Despite being only HD (720 x 1560 pixels, 266ppi) and not in full HD, it still holds a strong capacity for viewing.


It comes with a 13MP main shooter, 8MP ultrawide angle, 2MP macro which shoots decent, vibrant, and impressive photos. Also, it has an autofocus feature that finely tunes out photos for subtle and richer photos. Though it does not totally redefine photography, it is still ahead on most phones when it comes to camera performance.

Storage and Application

Storage and application are both essential for a gaming phone. Besides the battery performance, this is the second thing that you may want to consider looking at. The Vivo Y30 has a large internal memory of 128 GB ROM which is more than enough to store applications and downloads you like. Not to mention inserting an additional memory through an SD card which can extend the storage up to 256 GB. With a massive storage capacity like the Vivo Y30, you would not bother the option of decluttering photos and deleting beloved applications for the sake of adding more room.


The Vivo Y30 has the means to supply every battle that you will encounter. Game after game, victory after victory, gains after gains. It has the capacity to increase your chances of winning with its battery longevity, huge storage room, fast processing, and ultra-wide screen. The Vivo Y30 is the perfect gaming phone for a mobile player like you.

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