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The ultimate game changer: Here's the new Vivo Y30

For people with a tight budget, vivo has released a special line just for you, the Vivo Y-series. Although every mobile phone has distinctions, all of them offer a pleasant performance without breaking your bank. Just recently, vivo added the latest model to their collection - the Vivo Y30. Find out how this ultimately changes the game!

Design & Display

Compared to previous models, the Vivo Y30 comes in massive size. It is not thick or heavy in nature but it features an 6.47-inch Ultra O Screen display with 90.7% screen-to-body ratio. With regard to the general device, it is right between light and heavy. This is probably due to the batteries built-in. Nevertheless, it sits comfortably on one’s fingers and is not prone to slipping - all thanks to the four round-edge corners.

When flipped, the Vivo Y30 sports a sleek and crystal-finish exterior with hues of blue. It is dubbed as a “mirror finish.” However, be mindful that it is vulnerable to smudges and fingerprints. If you do not want that, better slip this to a clear case.

Supported by a maximum resolution of 720p, it is ideal for watching movies and tv shows. You can also change the settings of the phone depending on the color temperature that you want like cool, default, or warm. Moreover, you may need to watch in low light conditions because when tested under the sun, it is with visibility of 50%. Nevertheless, who watches under the sun right?


At the rear, the three cameras are stacked up vertically at the topmost left corner. The same goes for the LED flashlight. While the fingerprint scanner sits on its usual spot at the upper rear.

It features an AI Tripe Camera which consists of a 13MP main camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP bokeh camera, in addition, it also has a 8MP front camera. All these features to support different options like autofocus, sharp and defined photos, and more. For references, the selfies produced by these phones are enough to be called as high definition photos good to be posted on social media accounts. There is also a beauty mode for a smooth and blemish-free photo finish.

Photos taken under natural and bright light tend to have solid colors and more defined pictures compared to when taken on low light. You may opt to use the LED flashlight if you want to capture quality photos at night.

Applications & Storage

The Vivo Y30 now runs on the latest software of the company called the Funtouch OS which is by the way based on Android 10. This is a good thing since it offers more compatibility with other applications and downloads. Moreover, it has a 4GB RAM and a storage capacity of 128GB which is a pretty decent storage amount for everyday operations. Though it can still be expanded through an external memory card.

Battery & Gaming Performance

Vivo Y30 has a 5000 mAh battery that can support 9 hours of gameplay and 137.09 hours of music. With this battery capacity, expect the Vivo Y30 to not let you down mostly in time of need. It supports USB type-C charging and 5V/1A reverse charging to charge other digital devices such as mobile phones and smartwatches.

With its Ultra Game Mode, hardcore players can now enjoy a more fluid gaming experience with its all new Competition Mode. You can also screen record your gaming moments that will be automatically saved to your album’s Game folder when you activate this feature.

It also has Multi Turbo 3.0 that has been updated with VPG technology, using Center Turbo and AI turbo, it can predict system abnormalities by third-party apps in advance, locating and solving problems before they can even affect the user's experience. With this feature, expect little to no lag while you’re playing your favorite mobile game.


For a middle-range phone to cater to WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth, and other installed applications, the price point of the Vivo Y30 is definitely a catch. With its nice display, a long battery lifespan of up to 14 hours, and a low price point, this mid-range phone changes the whole game!

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