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One-page checkout: Its difference in online business

On the final step of a customer’s online shopping, which one truly captures their interest? Is it inputting information on multiple pages or going through details on a single page all at once? Well, that is for you to find out! Here are the reasons why one-page checkouts make a difference for your online business.

What is a one-page checkout?

Taking the definition right out of its name, a one-page checkout displays everything on a single page including the products added to the cart, billing and shipping address, shipping modes, and payment information. This mode of checkout is utilized when entrepreneurs observed that most customers want simplicity and are having a hard time on the complex process of other checkouts.

Pros of one-page checkout

What are the pros of implementing one-page checkouts for your business? Let us start with the simplification. An entrepreneur with an audience on an e-commerce business, for instance, Shopify, can monitor the behavior of its customers. Not a lot of e-commerce website has this kind of feature, Shopify is only one of the several e-commerce software that offers this option to track progress and measure business scales in order to help the seller.

Moreover, this feature helps give feedback to the seller. Now, the role of the seller is to provide countermeasures on how to solve the issues a customer encounter. With the one-page checkout, it resolves the complex and time-consuming process of multiple checkout pages. For more information on Shopify and its features, click here.

Another feature that Shopify provides is the ability to track orders. Thus, a seller can see the information details of who ordered. Do not worry about the data! It is highly protected by the law and ensured that your given details will remain private and secured. The analytics of the buyers, for instance, most customers are middle to old age group, can push the seller to create an online shopping experience more adult-friendly.

Cons of one-page checkouts

Though there is a downfall on this feature, as such, poor internet connection can jeopardize the whole point of single page checkouts since it displays a high volume of data. An unstable connection may cause traffic and result in a waiting period before the website appears. Nevertheless, this roadblock is subjective depending on the user’s site speed.

How does this make a difference?

The whole point of entering an e-commerce business is to reach a wider audience and sell products. With giving the people easy access to your store, the business will grow. Employing one-page checkouts can make the life of a 60-year old woman to order his sewing machine kits right away without having to spend across multiple pages. With a one-page checkout, everything is simple, light, and easy.


With the rise of e-commerce businesses like Shopify, it makes online businesses easier and life more efficient. Overall, one-page checkouts are beneficial for both the young and old age group with a lesser time consumed, easier product checkouts, and convenient online shopping.