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Learning Viola: Private lessons vs Youtube videos

There are various options available when learning a certain instrument such as opting for private lessons, one-on-one sessions, group centers, and even Youtube videos. But the question is, which one is the most effective learning platform? As a starter, this question may have crossed your mind. In this article, we will tackle about the pros and cons of private lessons and Youtube tutorial videos.

Private Lessons


Enrolling for private lessons is by far the most to-go option for aspiring violinists and musicians. This is because of the great selection of teachers and hands-on training the lesson has to offer. Moreover, private lessons often follow a module-based training that is intended for beginners.

Teachers. You are assured that whoever is teaching you is licensed and professional. The marketing strategy of private violin lessons begin with advocating their exceptional and great teachers. You will see their educational attainment, the instruments they play, the various recitals and performances they made, achievements and awards, and more that will push you to work with them.

Hands-on training. Another thing that makes private lessons ahead of Youtube videos is that they offer hands-on training. Meaning to say, they will guide you personally from the beginning up until the very end of you strengths and weaknesses. They can immediately assess your wrong doings and correct them. This may be difficult to do when done online.

Module-based learning. Since they are teachers and instructors, they are based on module learning or have these pre-planned lessons. This is good considering it is a gradual step-by-step process to ensure that you learn on a self-pace.


While there are numerous reasons to go for private lessons, there are also some things that may hinder you to pursue this option such as the expensive fees, limited hours of classes, and location.

Fees. Since they are considered to be great in their field, expect their fees to lie in the expensive range. It is completely understandable since you pay for their name, their expertise, the lessons, and the knowledge it might bright. But, if you are in a tight budget, enrolling for private lessons should be the least of your concern.

Limited hours. Normally, the setting would be, the lessons will be scheduled weekly. You will meet up and practice on a given time, let’s say, 2 hours per day. This might be a con if you are a slow learner since the time is limited and you have a lot of things to absorb.

Booking. Private violin instructors usually have a tight schedule so you will need to book ahead of time. Hundreds of people line up, wait, and schedule to guarantee a slot and if you are late, you need to wait for the next cycle or batch.

Youtube Videos


Nowadays, almost all businesses are shifting to digital including violin lessons. The advantages of depending on Youtube videos as source of learning are its waived fees, unlimited viewing, and handled time.

Waived fees. Youtube videos are offered in free subscription. You will just need to create an account to be able to subscribe to different instructors who teach online. You can also save their videos for future reference. Overall, you would not need to spend a dime.

Unlimited viewing. As long as the content creator does not delete the video, it will most likely stay online forever. Meaning to say, you get to view these videos for as much as you want for free. Contrary to private lessons wherein you cannot flashback what they teach.

Handled time. Since Youtube will not go anywhere, you can access it anytime, even on midnight. This is beneficial for people who are busy with online classes or have a day job to attend. Usually, private lessons get ahead of our busy schedules so we need to drop another essential appointment. But with Youtube videos, it is accessible at all times.


Although depending on Youtube videos seems to be the staple for most young aspiring violinists, it has its cons too like untracked progress and uncertified learning.

Untracked progress. Unlike private lessons where there will be a guide to personally track your development and correct you along the way, it is otherwise for Youtube videos. There would not be anyone to supervise you, you just need to trust your instinct that whatever you are doing is correct.

Uncertified learning. Private lessons end with a certification from the teacher. You can use this as enhancement to your resume to increase the chances of getting hired. But with Youtube videos, yes, you may learn things but you would not have a proof.


In summary, deciding whether to choose from either private lessons or Youtube videos is a measurement of privilege. Do you have the capacity to enroll in private lessons? If yes, then you are privileged enough to go for it. But if it is the other way around, Youtube is always there.