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Kitchen cabinet trends in 2020

If kitchen spaces are the ultimate spot in a house, then the kitchen cabinet are the heart of the kitchen. They are essential in one’s kitchen since they store the tools and food we need. From different materials to a wide variety of color choices, kitchen cabinets are the easiest to remodel. Below are some of the kitchen cabinet trends in 2020 that you might want to consider for your kitchen project.

Sustainable materials

With threat to the environment on the line, sustainable materials are on the rise. Eco-friendly materials are currency booming in the interior design business using recycled and sustainable products designed to match any contemporary and modern kitchen space.

Open shelves

Open shelves made it to the list as people are on the run to save and allot more space for other things. It is now the new trend surpassing the closed doors and closed cabinets. People are now displaying their kitchen tools and equipment as part of the interior’s decorative design.

Deep and dark

Deep and dark bold colors might be a rare thing back in the days. But, guess what? It is now becoming quite popular. It continues to make an impact in the kitchen with a combination of black and other hues.

Shaker cabinets

Of course, shaker cabinets will always be in the trend. These traditional square cabinets might be familiar for almost all people, generations to generations. The modern and sleek design of these cabinets fits on any design type making it very easy to match.

Pops of pastel

If you are not a fan of deep and dark colors, then this pops of pastel is for you! Gentler colors like pastel and earth tones will never go out of style.

Slab doors

Slab doors are known to be in for its modern and sleek design. These cabinets have flat and frameless fonts with either wood or glossy finish. If you are unfamiliar with this design, it became famous when it took part in the minimalist Swedish design. These types of cabinets are a great way if you live in small enclosed spaces.

Two-toned cabinets

If you are torn between two colors, then opt for two-toned cabinets so you could have both. Normally, it is balanced of white or toned down colors and supported by a darker color.

Walnut wonders

Wood never goes out the list, particularly walnut wood. For a warm, rich, and minimalist kitchen, opt for walnut cabinets.

Matte finishes

Shine and gloss are so out of the book. Matte-finished kitchen designs are the new way to go! Whether it is a matte cabinet panel or matte hardware, make sure your kitchen highlights something matte.

Every year, there are new kitchen trends that arise. But these new changes mean more options for your kitchen designs! Let these annual trends be the basis of the functionality and beauty of your kitchen space. These ideas create a totality of aesthetics and convenience for an ultimate cooking experience.