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How playing instrument can help a child’s development

You probably heard of the theory, Mozart effect, wherein when children including babies that listens to any musical composition by Mozart tends to be more intelligent than kids who do not. This theory supports that being exposed to music or any musical literary device makes one smart.

Suppose you are giving birth to a child, it will help boost their brainpower if introduce them to music. It is suggested that you start by playing classical music -- anything that is smooth and subtle in the ears. Classical music are often accompanied by viola and other string instruments.

Here are some benefits of musical instruments to a child’s early brain development:

Benefits of playing a musical instrument

A. Improves memory

Both music and musical instruments improves one’s improves one’s memory. This can be supported and proved by the award-winning documentary film entitled, Alive Inside, which was released back in 2014. The film was about people medically diagnosed with dementia who were given each and individual playlist for them to listen. Significant effects were seen later on such as the diagnosed people who were unable to speak and move for months, moved and sang along with the music. This film illustrated that music can improve one’s memory since it is associated with most parts of the brain.

B. Reduces stress and depression

Music therapy is foreign to almost everybody. There are actually certified musical therapists around the world whose duty is to help people cope with their emotions including mental health disorders like stress and depression. Certified musical therapists mostly start as someone with passion for music then later on venture the medical field as they see music as a healing tool.

C. Strengthens problem solving skills

Several studies have been conducted that supports the claim that musical instruments strengthens a child’s problem solving skills specifically in the areas of mazes, cubes, and arithmetic. Moreover, music have been proven to light up different areas of the brain stimulating creativity and skills, including problem solving skills.

Problem-solving is a part of a child’s development from birth up until of legal age. From choosing the right color to choosing to do the morale thing, their exposure to problem-solving skills will matter. If you want to secure your child’s future, start playing some music now.

D. Helps them become mentally alert

Music alone is powerful enough to lift one’s senses. It is the medicine to the brain that have great benefits especially to one’s mental state including the feeling of becoming alert. Music stretches from a wide array of options such as upbeat and slower tempos. An upbeat music can make one feel more relaxed and optimistic about life while slower tempos tend to make one feel relaxed and soothed. Overall, it has good impacts for the mental health.


As first-time parents, we would want the best for our child’s growth including whether or not musical instruments will have good benefits in the long run. With different studies and experiments conducted, it is safe to say that music brings a positive effect on a child’s brain development.