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7 best Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore

When people hear the words “Vietnamese cuisine,” they either think about Pho, a soup with broth, rice noodles, and meat, or Banh Mi, a Vietnamese bread. But, there is more to these two local dishes that need to be explored.

There are tons of Vietnamese food in Singapore, so if you are craving for it, check out this list of the best Vietnamese restaurants in your area:

1. Lang Nuong

As the first traditional Vietnamese barbecue in Singapore, the perfect spot to have your barbecue installed is Lang Nuong, which translates to "grill village." Located in the heart of Singapore, you can discover charcoal-barbecued gourmet meat from the first hand street encounter. Taste their exquisite Vietnamese marinated gourmet meat and seafood specialties with unique dipping sauces from a broad range of options.

The ambience parallels that in Vietnam, in addition to its servings. All of these were shipped straight from Vietnam, from furniture to cutlery and the iconic Vietnamese charcoal burner, to bring home the Saigon vibes.

2. Co Ba Quan

Situated in the centre of Food Street Chinatown, get a taste of the famed sizzling pancake or also known as the Banh Xeo. This is a small crispy pancake produced from rice flour, and turmeric powder coupled with meat or vegetarian fillings. A strong Banh Xeo's standards are calculated by the pancake's crispness, saltiness, flavor, and sobriety of the dipping sauces. More notably, the herbs are available. They perform well enough at Co Ba Quan.

3. Little Vietnam

Little Vietnam provides a comfortable environment with two dining areas — the indoor portion and the alfresco area, mainly delighted for its coffee. The Al Fresco area is built with red lanterns and photos of the Vietnamese business community to appreciate street foods. Mostly raved about getting a cozy place here at night.

Besides, their Rau Cau Dua or Coconut Jelly is the ideal dessert for any season. The cool and soothing taste of its coconut water would blow away the heat, washing away the warmth from the aroma of the street food.

4. Lucky Saigon

The Lucky Saigon set menu is perfect for beginners and will give you the all-in-one Vietnamese cuisine package deal experience. The top-rated Tra Da or Vietnamese Iced Tea is included in this array.

You'll get a BBQ chicken and egg meatloaf with rice, served with a side mango salad appetizer, and the Tra Da, at a price range from $8.80 to $11.90. Satisfy your tummy with this set, then refill it with iced tea.

5. The Orange Lantern

Vietnamese restaurants are all over the city. Yet Vietnamese, Halal-certified restaurants? That is rare. Halal applies to the meat approved and recommended under Islamic Law. For this kind of unusual credential the Orange Lantern at Vivo City is the only one on our radar so far.

If you want nutritious eating, this is an perfect spot to meet with your Muslim friends and relatives. Seek and drink their best-selling Avocado Shake or known as Sinh To Bo as it is served with only Halal-certified ingredients authentically and deliciously.

6. Sandwich Saigon

Running to top the Vietnamese Sandwich, Sandwich Saigon provides the Meatball Sandwich consisting of a meatball filled Banh Mi. When you're on the road trying different Banh Mi meals, this is it for you.

Their restaurant is also vegetarian-friendly so be less worried about changing your diet.

7. Super Ngon Vietnamese Noodle Cafe

You never figured Pho should be on this list, but you were mistaken because Super Ngon Vietnamese Noodle Cafe is the only one in town to sell Pho Ga Tron or dry chicken pho noodles. Specializing in Pho in the Hanoi theme, their Pho Ga Tron is hot, tender and wrapped in fried garlic , onions, peanuts and sprouts of beans. The crux of this recipe is the Chef's own special blend of sauce.

Whether you miss the traditional Vietnamese food or you are just out here for a taste, do not miss the authentic and delicious Vietnamese cuisine in Singapore for an unforgettable experience.